In this article you’ll find the hottest hacking news from 2014. Below you’ll find the most important security news for each month of 2014. All titles are selected from our hacking news blog. We hope you enjoyed reading these news and we assure you that better quality news are coming this year. Our main categories are cyber crime, cyber attacks, vulnerabilities, defacements, hacker groups, NSA, malware, antivirus, surveillance and more. In the second part of the last year we introduced “Technology news“. The surprise for this year will be a new category, “Programming News”. Because we believe that our audience is also interested in reading Programming News.

1. January 2014 Hacking News

Worst passwords of 2013

Yahoo Mail Hacked through Third Party

2. February 2014 Hacking News

Syrian Electronic Army Hacked eBay and PayPal websites from UK, France and India

Telecom provider Orange hacked, 800 000 customer records stolen

Google, Apple and Facebook have revealed the number of requests for data required by the NSA

CloudFlare Hit with 400Gbs NTP DDOS Attack

Boeing launches a Secure Smartphone that has Self Destruct Feature

3. March 2014 Hacking News

Over 162 000 WordPress Websites used to perform DDOS Attack

Facebook launches Hack Lang, a new programming language for HHVM

4. April 2014 Hacking News

Heartbleed security bug in OpenSSL affected over a half of the internet

Heartbleed Hit List – Websites affected by heart bleed

5. May 2014 Hacking News

eBay hacked last week after a massive cyberattack

Avast forum hacked, 400 000 accounts affected

6. June 2014 Hacking News

CloudFlare Acquires CryptoSeal in order to protect Web Surfers

Brasil World Cup Security Center WiFi Password Revealed

7. July 2014 Hacking News

Freshome Facebook Page Hacked, Page Verified asked to take ownership

Intel Announces Self-Encrypting SSDs For Business

8. August 2014 Hacking News

Fiverr CSRF Attack Explained ( How to avoid a phishing attack )

9. September 2014 Hacking News

iCloud hacked, Dozens of nude photos with Jennifer Lawrence were stolen

Gmail hacked. Millions of Gmail accounts and passwords have appeared on the internet

Shellshock bug, the error that could send Heartbleed into obscurity

Google encourages all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS for a better ranking position in the search engine

10. October 2014 Hacking News

Tyupkin backdoor is used in Eastern Europe for stealing money from ATM

The POODLE bug, SSL v3 vulnerability

12 russian hackers broke 1.2 billion private accounts. Websites still vulnerable

11. November 2014 Hacking News

BlackEnergy – the most dangerous virus?

Kaspersky Lab about Darkhotel – CEOs are victims of an elite espionage team

Symantec discovers one of the most complex cyber espionage software

The first five victims of the Stuxnet worm

12. December 2014 Hacking News

Movies of Sony Pictures, pirated online. Is North Korea behind Sony cyber-attacks?

After hackers threats, Sony decided to cancel Christmas release of The Interview

Lizard Squad is attacking Tor Browser using DDOS