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Top 10 Cyber Security incidents from the last years

There have been many significant cyber security incidents in recent years, and it is difficult to rank them in terms of their importance or impact. Here is a list of ten examples of significant cyber security incidents that have occurred in the past few years: The WannaCry

The date for DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) is 11-13 February 2022

Are you ready to compete & win DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF)? Hi ! We hope you managed to recharge during the winter holidays and you started the new year with full speed ahead ‘cause we sure did. As you are well aware, DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) has

Panama Papers hacked through PHP CMS WordPress

The Panama Papers data breach, known as The Mossack Fonseca (MF) is one of the largest breach in history and includes 4.8 million emails. Tha Panama law company was hacked via a WordPress module called Revolution Slider. This plugin is used on more than 2 million websites.

Verizon hacked, 1.5 million customers details for sale

According to cyber security blogger Brian Krebs, more than 1.5 million Verizon Enterprise customers contact information was leaked on an underground cybercrime forum. Not all Verizon’s customers were affected, the hack targeted only Verizon’s B2B Enterprise Solutions. Krebs says that earlyer this week, a deep-web forum advertised

Let’s Encrypt vulnerability discovered in ACME

Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority that it’s free, automated and open. Currently in Public Beta, Let’s Encrypt is a new step forward for better security and privacy. Let’s Encrypt team wants HTTPS to become the default. Everyone can own free SSL certificates signed by Let’s

A huge danger already on our doorstep. Cisco: cyber crimes is approaching $ 1 trillion, and in the world is a deficit of over 1 million specialists. What’s next?

  One giant danger is knocking on the door all mankind, that given the amount of cyber crimes approached stronger to 1 trillion dollars, the number of hackers has grown at a fast pace, they have become more sophisticated in techniques of attacks and in the world there is hacked due to a PHP vulnerability

The biggest free web hosting service, was hacked in March 2015 and more than 13 million accounts were affected. The data breach includes usernames, passwords in plain text, email addresses, IP addresses and the last names of 000Webhost‘s customers. Troy Hunt, a security researcher revealed the

Shares of Microsoft have reached the maximum of the last 15 years. Windows 10 has reached 110 million handsets

Microsoft has good years and reached a maximum value of shares  from last 15 years, amid deep run Windows 10 system, writes the Financial Times. In premiere, Bing division internet search came on profit and revenue exceeded one billion dollars. Company’s total revenues were $ 21.7 billion (down

Vulnerable Android to a new exploit: Stagefright 2.0

  Android platform seems to be the target of many attacks in recent times, and many of them show major vulnerabilities of  Google’s software. The company recently solved Stagefright exploit problems, which used video files to attack devices with Android operating system, but has just discovered a new exploit

Skype was down worldwide

Today, Skype has stopped working, starting at 8 am in France and no one could connect to Skype. Those who were online, could not see properly statuses and the refresh icon was always present.  If you tried to give sign out thinking that a reconnection  will fix the problem