The Islamic State has responded to all threats from Anonymous hackers group, started by distributing a list of tips which should be followed in order to avoid these hackers. But the list was intercepted by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalism in London, as reports The Independent.

Twitter accounts pro-ISIS responded to all efforts from Anonymous hackers to block users who transmit jihadists and extremists messages , advising supporters to follow a series of instructions in terms of online activity, in order to avoid hackers.

Instructions were sent via Telegram messaging application that encrypts messages and can destroy them after a while.

1. Do not open any links if you are unsure regarding source

2. Use a private network and change your IP address constantly, both on phones and computers.

3. Do not talk to people you do not know on Telegram, block them if necessary. There are many issues in terms of Telegram and they can break through application accounts.

4. Do not talk to people through messages from the Twitter account because you can break this way.
5. Avoid use your e-mail as a username on Twitter, many supporters ISIS accounts are broken because of it.
Instructions were sent to ISIS supporters after hackers from Anonymous claimed to have broken over 800 accounts on Twitter jihadists.