Researchers are close to finishing a new type of battery more efficient.
Batteries lead our life. They’re everywhere, from TV remote to phone or electric car batteries. Along with them came the nightmare of running out of battery when you need more.

A battery wich charge faster and hold more  seems unachievable dream smartphone users. Still, it could become reality. A team of researchers working on a new type of battery that could charge up to 70% of capacity in just two minutes. Moreover, the life of this battery is 20 times higher than current batteries. I mean,  even 20 years!

Ultra-fast battery developed by researchers in Singapore is so effective that an electric car could be loaded in just 15 minutes. Even if it sounds too good to be true, the team of physicists from the Nanyang Technological University wants to market it in less than two years, according to ScienceDaily.

The term is so short because no technology is new. Instead of reinventing the battery, the researchers optimized the existing technology, using a gel-based titanium oxide, the same substance found in sunscreens. Accelerates gel loading, and at the same time protects the interior materials from damage.

More than that, the batteries will be cheap because titanium dioxide is inexpensive and is found in soil. The team showed how they  formed the titanium dioxide for this new battery and requiered license for this technology.