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Enhancing Cybersecurity: The Imperative of Biometric Authentication and the Intricacies of Typing Biometrics

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, safeguarding sensitive information has become paramount. As cyber threats continue to evolve, traditional methods of authentication, such as passwords, are no longer sufficient to protect against sophisticated attacks. Biometric authentication has emerged as a must-have security measure, offering a

Twitter hunting jihadists accounts: They have been closed over 125,000 online profiles with “terrorist content”

Microblogging platform, Twitter, has begun using antispam technology to detect accounts that promote terrorism, suspending in recent months, 125,000 online profiles with Islamist character,  informs  The New York Times. Twitter company  has launched this campaign to urge of Administration of the Washington, who asked online social networks to

Google is suspected of tax evasion amounting to 227 million euros in Italy

Italian treasury will submit a report accusing Google of tax evasion amounting to 227 million euros, according to sources quoted by Reuters. Official data shows that Google paid taxes last year only 2.2 million in Italy. Google has been accused of tax evasion in other European countries

Samsung move into production the second generation of 14nm FinFET

Good news for fans of mobile technology. Samsung started producing chips using 14nm process technology LPP (Low-Power Plus), the second generation of 14nm FinFET Samsung technology .  Samsung will produce chips Exynos Octa based on the new process technology and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820, expected to be

Second-Hand Smartphones. A market of $17 billion

The market of second hand smart phones will reach this year at $17 bln. While the number of units sold will reach to 120 million, according to a report by consulting company Deloitte, which estimates the developments in technology area, media and telecom. “In 2016, consumers will sell

CES 2016: Cars that drive themselves, butler robots, drones

CES, the most important for tech fair of the beginning of the year, held in Las Vegas, had 170,000 participants and in terms of launches surprises came from groups less traditional products, such as drones or devices for virtual reality. – Cars They were the stars of

Apple will pay 318 million euros to Italy to escape the accusations of tax evasion

Apple has negotiated for a long time with the Italian tax authorities and reached an agreement to pay 318 million euros, thus escaping the charges of tax evasion. Apple would be directed sales for five years, to the Irish subsidiary  in Italy, to not paying taxes, said

Google and Ford are discussing about a partnership in the field of autonomous vehicles

Google and Ford Motor are negotiating about a partnership to develop autonomous technology in the automotive sector, said a person close to the situation. The extent of the partnership between the US and the second largest car manufacturer Alphabet, the owner Google, is still under discussion, but could

Facebook will stop using flash for video and audio

Facebook dropped entirely to the use of Flash technology for videos and audio, developing instead a player based on HTML5 technology. All games on the network will still be using technology developed by Adobe, but Facebook wants to change this. Large sites such as YouTube, have quit Flash, criticized as

Driverless Cars are too dangerous because always follows the rules

  As it expected, humans are kind of terrible at that. Which is a real problem for driverless-cars. But an obstacle for researchers is the fact that driverless cars are engineered to always follow the law. As an effect, according to a recent report from Bloomberg, “driverless cars are now seeing