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The future of Magento and Ebay Enterprise

According to a TechCrunch report, eBay has found a new host for it’s Ebay enterprise business unit. The e-commerce company may announce soon the sale of eBay Enterprise to a group of buyers led by the private equity firm, Permira. The price for selling eBay Enterprise is

Critical Magento security patch for July 2015

Magento just releasted a new security patch and they recommend us to install it immediately. As part of our ongoing commitment to security, we have uncovered potential vulnerabilities that we are proactively addressing today with a new patch (SUPEE-6285). There are no confirmed reports of attacks related

Ensure your Magento software security is up-to-date before security risk is publicized

Magento sent an email today to all accounts registered on it’s official website regarding a security update. If you’re using Magento Community Edition you are exposed to remote code execution. So please read the message below and go to Magento’s Official Website and download a security patch

Magento Go vulnerability allows hackers to bypass the authentication by creating administrator account

According to Securatary, this vulnerability allows for a cross store (unauthenticated, as we have not authenticated to our target store) privilege escalation attack, that will create a user on any * store. There are over 200 000 active Magento Go stores. So this attack allows access to