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Google and Ford are discussing about a partnership in the field of autonomous vehicles

Google and Ford Motor are negotiating about a partnership to develop autonomous technology in the automotive sector, said a person close to the situation. The extent of the partnership between the US and the second largest car manufacturer Alphabet, the owner Google, is still under discussion, but could

Ara Project has a chance!

Ara Project was viewed with sympathy by tech-savvy users. Setting up a phone with parts chosen by the user, like assembling a desktop PC represent a chance to build modern phones, everyone’s taste at far more accessible prices. Unfortunately, this niche is quite less numerous and the

European commission announces new charges against Google under antitrust laws

The investigation will focus on accusations according to which internet search and tech multinational has unfairly used its products to exclude competitors. The European Union has made a complaint against Google over its alleged anti-competitive behaviour, saying that Google distorts internet search results in favour of its service. “I

Google makes an alliance with Johnson & Johnson to develop intelligent medical robots

  Google has signed a deal with medical company Johnson & Johnson to make medical robots using artificial intelligence in an attempt to improve medical instruments using technology from other areas, such as its cars without driver. According to The Guardian, life sciences division of Google will work with

Safari users have the right now to sue Google

  Google may now be on trial by Safari users after losing a Court of Appeal bid. Now, Safari users from UK have the right to sue  over alleged misuse of privacy settings. Users claim that Google avoided the security settings on the Safari browser by installing tracking cookies

Google warns Blogger users over porn: clean up or the content will be made private

  Google has warned users of its Blogger platform: “content which contains sexually explicit images and videos will be made private in one month. We will not delete the blogs, but they will no longer be publicly visible”, the tech giant says. The new rules require any blog with “sexually explicit or

Father of the Internet, Vint Cerf, warns of upcoming “Digital Dark Age”

In the past two years, big names oftech entrepreneurs and scientists who actively participated in the digital era evolution have expressed concern about the evolution of technology, whether we talk about about the risks involved out of control artificial intelligence or about things less “SF”. Vint Cerf, known as the

Google warns Microsoft and Apple: fix the vulnerability or we will disclose

  Google said that its elite team consisting of hackers and programmers search security deficiencies of its software applications and other companies, Google warning that if its competitors will not eliminate vulnerabilities within 90 days, then they will make public. Google claims that software vendors must act quickly

Project Ara, the smartphone of the future, who will serve the 6 MLD. of people on earth, closer to reality

  Project Ara, smartphone of the future to which Google is already working for some time, a device which would unite and serve all the inhabitants of the planet, made another step towards completion, that after the giant US online presence these days a version improved of

Android L is already running on Samsung Galaxy S5

It seems that Samsung will provide an update, Android L, for new  models Galaxy S5  and Galaxy Note 4. It is scheduled to appear at the end of this year, but so far I did not know exactly what will bring the new version on Samsung phones both visually