CloudFlare announced the acquisition of Criptoseal, the Trusted Computing and virtual private network (VPN) as a service company. CryptoSeal was founded by Ryan Lackey, a well-known engineer in the security community.

According to Wikipedia,

Ryan Donald Lackey (born March 17, 1979) is an entrepreneur and computer security professional. He was a co-founder of HavenCo, the world’s first data haven. He also speaks at numerous conferences and trade shows, including DEF CON, RSA Data Security Conference, on various topics in the computer security field, and has appeared on the cover of Wired Magazine, in numerous television, radio, and print articles on HavenCo and Sealand. Lackey operated BlueIraq, a VSAT communications and IT company serving the DoD and domestic markets in Iraq and Afghanistan during the US conflicts.

Matthew Prince said on Cloudflare’s blog that CryptoSeal is, effectively, Cloudflare in reverse. The Cryptoseal VPN functions as a forward proxy, compared to Cloudflare, which acts like a reverse proxy. He also said that Cryptoseal’s customers are web surfers, and not Websites, like Cloudflare’s customers are. His conclusion is simple, the combination of Cloudflare and Cryptoseal will help to build a better Internet end-to-end.

I’m really excited to work with CloudFlare to bring secure, easy-to-use networking to a huge number of sites and users.

said Ryan Lackey to Matthew Prince.

This acquisition will help Cloudflare to offer new and better services for it’s customers and, why-not, to get more customers.

We began the process of shutting down CryptoSeal’s service last week, shortly after the acquisition was finalized. We’ve notified current customers and expect the service to be retired completely by June 30, 2014. Ryan Lackey is joining CloudFlare’s team as a product manager focused on new security products. In the months to come, expect new product extensions that take advantage of CryptoSeal’s technology combined with our rapidly expanding network.

said Matthew Prince.

At this moment, Cloudflare offers free and paid cloud security and website speed improvement services. In the next few months, we believe that a new type of services will be launched by Cloudflare, and this services will target end users, the so called, web surfers.

Am I the only one who believes that Cloudflare will soon become a desktop (and later, mobile) antivirus?