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Critical Android phones Vulnerability

Security researcher Joshua J. Drake (@jduck) discovered one of the worst Android vulnerabilities discovered to date. This android critical vulnerability targets 95% of Android devices, almost 1 billion devices. Every Android phone or tablet with a version between 2.2 and 5.1 of the android operating system is

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge unveiled at MWC

Samsung has presented this Sunday the Galaxy S6, and a sister smartphone, the Galaxy S6 edge, at  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung will sell this two versions, one of which has a screen that curves round its sides. Both devices feature a 64-bit processor which is designed to be

Swatch releases their first SmartWatch

Swatch Swiss company has recently announced that will release in the two to three months a smart watch and the information was extensively commented on the Internet. The big question is whether this watch will be a success or a will be failure. Well, opinions are divided.

Half of iPhone and iPad users have already switched to iOS 8

The main rival, Android KitKat has an adoption rate of only 24.5%, despite the fact that it was released a year ago. But Apple gets record after record. Apple announced that has sold 10 million iPhones 6 in just three days.  At just a day after, the Cupertino company has

Boeing launches a Secure Smartphone that has Self Destruct Feature

Boeing is the world’s second biggest aerospace company. Boeing is among the largest global aircraft manufacturers, according to Wikipedia, Boeing “is the second-largest aerospace & defense contractor in the world based on 2012 revenue and is the US’ largest exporter by dollar value.” On it’s website, Boeing

A team of Android developers released an application which protects you against NSA Spying under Wi-Fi HotSpots

It was no need to reveal that the agencies are tracking all the travelers who passed through the airport terminal, and could be tracked throughout the country by referencing it with the intercepted information from Wi-Fi in cafes, libraries and other public places. Developers released an application,