A computer virus “Trojan horse” type, BlackEnergy, used against NATO, was introduced in software that controls much of American infrastructure and can cause an economic catastrophe, warns Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Hackers are suspected that they are supported by the Russian Government. They introduced in the United States computers, considered “vital” since 2011, this program able to take control of complex industrial operations, the sources said ABC News quoted National Security, evoking evidence of this and warning that it dspre a very serious threat.

The program is used to control oil and gas pipelines, electricity supply networks, distribution and water filtration, wind turbines and even nuclear power plants add post, stressing that stopping or damage of any of these vital public utilities may affect hundreds of thousands of Americans.



Department said in an alert bulletin, the campaign lasts from 2011 and that there were no attempts to activate the malware in order to “damage, modification or disruption in any way” industrial process control. US officials have also discovered this recently penetration but do not know where or when it could be activated.

Sources in the department told ABC News that it is not a random attack and that fear that Russians back to the Cold War and placed malware in key US systems as a threat or deterrence measure in case of a US cyber attack on Russian systems – thus ensuring a mutual destruction. Penetration has been reported to initiate last week after intervention teams in emergencies Cybernetics for Industrial Control Systems, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security issued an alert bulletin to its members.

The bulletin was announced that penetration “BlackEnergy” was recently detected by several companies. According to the Department, BlackEnergy is the same malware used by cyber espionage Russian group – known as the “sandworm” – to target earlier this year, NATO targets and certain energy and telecommunications companies in Europe.

“Technical Analysis of the results of the two reports show the links shared command and control infrastructure in the two campaigns, suggesting that both are part of a wider campaign of the same actor threat,” the Department bulletin.

The virus is very advanced program, it allows workers assigned to control industrial processes through a computer, iPad or smartphone, said sources cited by the US position. The program allows the sharing of information and collaborative control.

We will be back with information regarding this trojan virus.