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Google, the only mobile network operator in the world which return money

F1’s new project from Google enables subscribers to receive cash back for the amount of data that did not use it. The system works like this: the customer pays $ 20 per month for unlimited calls and messages and $ 10 for each gigabyte of data consumed. If

6 TB SSD first hit stores in July

Fixstars Japanese company announced that its new SSD on 15nm technology and 2.5-inch with a capacity of 6TB will hit stores starting July this year. The product will not come cheap, as you can guess, but the company also offers versions with capacity and lower prices, but

Apple iPad Pro – “Force Touch technology, USB-C and NFC” and other new details

As we get closer to the time of launch the next generation of Apple’s tablet, the rumors on the endowment and design of iPad Pro, the device which is said to have a screen with a diagonal of 12.9 inches, is multiply. The latest information is related

It is certain, Internet Explorer is dead, long live Microsoft Edge

‘Project Spartan’, the known name given to Microsoft Edge, will be the default browser for Windows 10. Microsoft promised that Microsoft Edge will be faster and leaner than the hated IE. Microsoft has done with Internet Explorer, its new browser will be Microsoft Edge … although something minor has changed if you’re looking

Why Google Plus failed – failure or strategy?

Last month, Google announced that it will change the strategy approached so far, in terms of Google+, which was not as successful as expected. Thus, Google+ will not work as a social network designed to compete with Facebook, but it will be split into two different services: photos

AdBlock Plus win the court case against German publishers

Two German web publishers have lost the battle in court against the creator of software ad blocking “Adblock Plus” in a court in Hamburg. Both publishers want want to prevent “Adblock Plus” tech being used on their pages. The newspapers Die Zeit and Handelsblatt which owns Zeit Online and Handelsblatt, sued the software company Eyeo, because the

Facebook continue to follow online activities of users, even if they are not connected to the network

Belgian researchers have recently discovered that Facebook can track the online activity of its subscribers, even when they are not logged on social networking platform. The US company have started difficult week in Europe.  Since the preliminary hearings will begin Monday in the trial of the Facebook ,  in Vienna, submitted

European commission announces new charges against Google under antitrust laws

The investigation will focus on accusations according to which internet search and tech multinational has unfairly used its products to exclude competitors. The European Union has made a complaint against Google over its alleged anti-competitive behaviour, saying that Google distorts internet search results in favour of its service. “I

Micron and Intel announced a new 3D NAND flash memory, with 256 GB

    Micron and Intel launched 3D NAND, the most advanced flash memory in the world. Flash is a storage technology, used inside the lighter laptops, the fastest data centers and almost any mobile phone, tablet or mobile device. New technology 3D NAND arrange flash cells in 32

Microsoft has integrated Spartan browser in Windows 10

Now, after all provided details on its new Web browser, called Spartan, for two months, the company decided that it is in a fairly advanced stage and it can be integrated in Windows 10.  Thus, Microsoft has integrated for the first time in a new public version a browser,