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Google makes an alliance with Johnson & Johnson to develop intelligent medical robots

  Google has signed a deal with medical company Johnson & Johnson to make medical robots using artificial intelligence in an attempt to improve medical instruments using technology from other areas, such as its cars without driver. According to The Guardian, life sciences division of Google will work with

The XPPS program helps to control costs inside the Sorste Group

Sorste Group, manufacturer of textile, enjoys total control over printing costs due to program Xerox Partner Print Services (XPPS). Following the infusion of technology, the company benefits from increased productivity, streamlined work processes, reduced costs, lower power consumption and consumables. In a first step, Producton, Xerox partner,

Google counteract legal threat in US

Google just escaped being prosecuted by the US government in 2012, reports BBC. The US government almost sued Google in 2012 over its anti-competitive policy, including assignment it boosted the search rankings of its own sites over that of competitors. In the end, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) decided

Break the internet

The big question is could the internet ever be switched off? We think the internet is unbreakable. At least, until now it is not proved. Perhaps a more accurate term would be “hijacking the Internet”. London’s Docklands district is a big building in which is a substantial node in

The BBC’s Micro Bit programmable device will be given to one million schoolchildren

The BBC plans to give a million 11-year-olds a tiny computer this September. The Micro Bit was unveiled at this morning’s launch of Make It Digital, which is an determined project focused at getting us all to be creative with digital technology. Why BBC spends licence fee money on this instead of giving

Can driverless cars be hacked ?

  Driverless cars could be vulnerable to hackers who could bring cities to a chaos, steal cars remotely or even commit deadly terror attacks, and many other problems, is a known fact. The report from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) suggests that autonomous vehicles could be on the roads in

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge unveiled at MWC

Samsung has presented this Sunday the Galaxy S6, and a sister smartphone, the Galaxy S6 edge, at  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung will sell this two versions, one of which has a screen that curves round its sides. Both devices feature a 64-bit processor which is designed to be

A faster and better standardized Web: Google renounce to SPDY in favor of HTTP / 2

The SPDY protocol was announced by Google in November 2009 and implemented for the first time a year later. SPDY protocol aimed to optimize the old HTTP by implementing compression technologies, multiplexing and encryption. Although it is currently implemented in most browsers, the protocol has not received wide

Google warns Blogger users over porn: clean up or the content will be made private

  Google has warned users of its Blogger platform: “content which contains sexually explicit images and videos will be made private in one month. We will not delete the blogs, but they will no longer be publicly visible”, the tech giant says. The new rules require any blog with “sexually explicit or

Android phones can be tracked just with battery power alone

  We all know that a phone uses more power the further away it is from a cell tower as it tries to connect. So, an Android phone can be tracked by studying their power use over time, without using their GPS or wi-fi/data usage. Extra power is used by