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Apple news: a new generation iPad will be released in mid-October

Apple announced a new generation of iPads and release date will be in mid-October in  attempt of renewal of product line offered to its customers in early September after the American company has released two new models of iPhone, reports Bloomberg. Apple suppliers have recently begun to

Talk – An Innovative AAC Device for people with Developmental Disabilities

A 16 year old high school student called Arsh Shah Dilbagi invented a portable device that converts breath into speech. This affordable device helps people suffering from different disabilities like Parkinson’s or ALS to communicate using their breath. A few words about Arsh Shah Dilbagi My name

Zuckerberg: “WhatsApp will become the largest messaging platform in the world. ”

Zuckerberg said he thinks WhatsApp will become the largest messaging platform in the world. Chairman & CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, estimated that the number of service users WhatsApp will reach 3 billion people in the near future.He mentioned that Facebook is prepared to spend billions of