F1’s new project from Google enables subscribers to receive cash back for the amount of data that did not use it. The system works like this: the customer pays $ 20 per month for unlimited calls and messages and $ 10 for each gigabyte of data consumed. If you do not use that amount, Google returns you the equivalent amount of money. Therefore, if the subscriber chooses 3 gigabytes of data, but consumes just 1.5 gigabytes by the end of month will get back $ 15.

Most mobile network operators offer the possibility to use unused data next month, but they have no option which could return the money. F1 project is still in the testing phase and only works on phones Nexus 6. If the results are as expected, Google will probably extend the offer to the  iPhone or Samsung owners.

Google is in a process of aggressive expansion to the telecommunications industry, the proof being also Ara Project, initiated by people from Google in partnership with Motorola and Phonebloks organization, which aimed at developing a phone that can be dismantled and then rebuilt by any user. Built to a system similar to the Lego pieces, modular phone allows you to change any part, including CPU, memory or digital camera by simply disconnecting and introducing another similar hardware.