United States Department of Justice announced that the FBI dismantled most dangerous online  pirates network, thus ending one of the biggest scams in history information, which caused losses of over 100 million dollars. The group that is behind the criminal action has infected over the past three years, more than 500,000 computers worldwide. A quarter of them are in the United States. Capturing the leader of this network was presented as an absolute victory in the fight against cybercrime.

“Evgheni Bogacev, Russian citizen, was found guilty by a court of Pittsburg for managing GameOver Zeus virus. This man is the perpetrator of the 21st century which with a simple click has committed millions of cyber attacks. His actions have rapidly turned into one of the most wanted criminals in the cyber world, “said James M. Cole, attorney gen. adj. On. of Justice of the USA.

According to Russia Today, GameOver Zeus is a program that is hiding generally in e-mails. Once in the computer, it starts searching for files containing financial information.




If not found such “treasures” GameOver Zeus Cryptolocker install another virus that simply encrypts the information in the computer and forces the user to pay up to 700 dollars to regain data. Experts say that viruses created  by this group of hackers accused of committed attacks are still active.

“Nobody wants that personal data or information about his businesses be stolen and used in order to create profits for criminals. We have this time and it is important that people in the UK to protect better, “he declared for Russia Today, Vice President Agency British fight against cybercrime.

It seems that in the UK are infected 15,000 computers.