Now, after all provided details on its new Web browser, called Spartan, for two months, the company decided that it is in a fairly advanced stage and it can be integrated in Windows 10.  Thus, Microsoft has integrated for the first time in a new public version a browser, Spartan, in last public build, Build 10049, of the Windows 10 operating system .

Spartan browser offers a simple interface with a design, similar to Google Chrome, version EdgeHTML rendering engine,  available on the IE 11 and some of the features disclosed by Microsoft. The most important are: web annotation support, which allows annotation and marking of text or notes directly in browser and sharing content on Facebook; OneNote or Flipboard; and Reading Mode, available on IE since version 11, which was updated and allows you to change the font or color, adding a list of favorite pages and save the content in PDF format.

Besides, were integrated more other features less or more important to us, for example the integration of digital assistant Cortana, sharing content on social networks, the option to disable the plug-in Adobe Flash, and certain dedicated web developers working tools.

Here is a video presentation Spartan web browser: