Last month, Google announced that it will change the strategy approached so far, in terms of Google+, which was not as successful as expected. Thus, Google+ will not work as a social network designed to compete with Facebook, but it will be split into two different services: photos and streaming, reports Business Insider.

The move is not a surprise, since Google+ was not successful in a comparable manner  to networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Basically, many people using Google+, since they login into their accounts from here to access Gmail, Google Drive and other applications of the US giant. But people do not actively use social network. In this context, former employees of Google talked about the problems they had at the beginning. One said that Google+ tried too much to resemble Facebook, while another put forward the same argument, adding that the company reached the market too late. Another source said it may have been a dose of conspiracism, given that, at some point, Facebook was attracting far too many Google employees. Google+ employees were divided into several sections, in order to prevent leakage of information about the product, it continued.

Moreover, those who worked in this department had its own secret cafeteria, called Cloud and other Google employees had no access here. “Certainly there was a sense of fear in that time,” said the former employee.

Another former employee explained that Google+ was meant to solve their own problems of the company, more than being a platform where users can keep in touch with each other. Now, Google no longer need to manage lots of accounts for the variety of applications and services. Although Google+ was not a resounding success, some say that does not mean it has failed, because still managed to create a platform with which millions of users can use Google products.