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Samsung announced its new “surprises” for Galaxy S6 Edge + and Note5

  Samsung introduced what` will contain the new gift packages for prospective users of Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5. Here’s the full list: ArtRage – Download Free (users Note5) Driver Speedboat Paradise – Free Boats in game Empire: Four Kingdoms – a surprise after downloading Hearthstone: Heroes of

Thicker and heavier, iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus come with big minuses

  If you are fans of Apple products, you have many reasons to invest in new iPhones due to enhanced performance and several software and hardware fireworks. Not the same is true if you ran all the time after the devices more compact, lighter or larger battery,

Microsoft wants to stop users from downloading Chrome or Firefox

Microsoft wants to determine users to continue to use Edge, which is the company’s new browser, and replaces Internet Explorer. When they search for “Chrome” or “Firefox” on Bing, a message appear on the top of the window “Microsoft recommends Microsoft Edge for Windows 10. Also, a

Ara Project has a chance!

Ara Project was viewed with sympathy by tech-savvy users. Setting up a phone with parts chosen by the user, like assembling a desktop PC represent a chance to build modern phones, everyone’s taste at far more accessible prices. Unfortunately, this niche is quite less numerous and the

Facebook take part to content creators and comes up with a solution against thieves

Facebook announced a new technology that will allow them to better track pirated videos and be more prompt in removing them from social network. The system which compares the video files will allow content creators to determine whether they have been “robbed”. The system was developed after a

Google changes its name to Alphabet, announcing the largest restructuring of its history

US giant Google has announced a rebranding surprise, following to change the strong organizational structure and become a holding company called Alphabet in which Google will be a subsidiary. Alphabet name will replace Google on the stock market, and this conglomerate will be led by Larry Page

Kaspersky competition sabotaged by ample campaign run in the last 10 years. Russian company vehemently denies

For more than ten years, Kaspersky, one of the largest IT security companies, trying to harm rivals in the market, so they can detect files “clean” as infected, writes Reuters citing former employees of the Russian company. Two former employees say that Evgeny Kaspersky had personally ordered the

Artificial Intelligence: expansion or destruction of the human universe

– Tell me the definition of morality. – I don’t have ethics. – I need to know more about morality. – I do not know what ethics. – Ok, morality? – Integrity. – What is that integrity? – Sorry, I do not know what else to tell

Windows 10 will check piracy

We do not know exactly what Microsoft understands by piracy. But it looks like we are about to find out. Because another “advantage” of Windows 10 (besides the forced updates) is the ability to check for pirated software and hardware. And block their function. Or, more accurately,

A way to get data from remote computers that are not even connected to the internet

An American team researchers claims to have found a way to get data from remote computers that are not even connected to the internet Some US security researchers have demonstrated that they can take control of standard components from computers, printers and millions of devices, the result