As we get closer to the time of launch the next generation of Apple’s tablet, the rumors on the endowment and design of iPad Pro, the device which is said to have a screen with a diagonal of 12.9 inches, is multiply. The latest information is related to the processor, the display technology used and connectivity. iPad Pro is no longer a novelty in terms of “leak sites’ online and tipsters offer increasingly more information about the new Apple device, whether we are talking about credible information either about simple speculation.

After about two weeks ago I saw how big the iPad really is compared to Pro Air iPad 2, the new information published by AppleInsider ensure that A9 CPU will be used on tablet , which would not be surprising, given that the new chipsets are already in work. But beyond that, it looks like iPad Pro will have a 12.9 inch display with Touch technology Force will work in tandem with a stylus Bluetooth.

In short, Force Touch technology, which is not the first time we hear that will be used, it seems, even on the next generation of iPhone, which allows the panel to perceive the pressure that is applied, and that means writing hand via the supplied stylus will be as close to the natural one. Of course, not new in the industry (see Microsoft technologies already existing and others), but Force Touch also allows programming of all the functions that will be launched depending on the pressure that is exerted on the screen, either use a pen specifically, whether the finger.

According to Apple Insider, the new iPad Pro 12.9 inch display and will provide new USB connector C – already found on the latest generation of MacBooks and will also has NFC.
When it launched Apple iPad Pro? Optimists say that Apple could surprise us with product presentation in June, but most likely launch new tablets will take place in autumn.