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Facebook continue to follow online activities of users, even if they are not connected to the network

Belgian researchers have recently discovered that Facebook can track the online activity of its subscribers, even when they are not logged on social networking platform. The US company have started difficult week in Europe.  Since the preliminary hearings will begin Monday in the trial of the Facebook ,  in Vienna, submitted

Micron and Intel announced a new 3D NAND flash memory, with 256 GB

    Micron and Intel launched 3D NAND, the most advanced flash memory in the world. Flash is a storage technology, used inside the lighter laptops, the fastest data centers and almost any mobile phone, tablet or mobile device. New technology 3D NAND arrange flash cells in 32

The XPPS program helps to control costs inside the Sorste Group

Sorste Group, manufacturer of textile, enjoys total control over printing costs due to program Xerox Partner Print Services (XPPS). Following the infusion of technology, the company benefits from increased productivity, streamlined work processes, reduced costs, lower power consumption and consumables. In a first step, Producton, Xerox partner,

Google counteract legal threat in US

Google just escaped being prosecuted by the US government in 2012, reports BBC. The US government almost sued Google in 2012 over its anti-competitive policy, including assignment it boosted the search rankings of its own sites over that of competitors. In the end, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) decided

The BBC’s Micro Bit programmable device will be given to one million schoolchildren

The BBC plans to give a million 11-year-olds a tiny computer this September. The Micro Bit was unveiled at this morning’s launch of Make It Digital, which is an determined project focused at getting us all to be creative with digital technology. Why BBC spends licence fee money on this instead of giving

Can driverless cars be hacked ?

  Driverless cars could be vulnerable to hackers who could bring cities to a chaos, steal cars remotely or even commit deadly terror attacks, and many other problems, is a known fact. The report from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) suggests that autonomous vehicles could be on the roads in

Father of the Internet, Vint Cerf, warns of upcoming “Digital Dark Age”

In the past two years, big names oftech entrepreneurs and scientists who actively participated in the digital era evolution have expressed concern about the evolution of technology, whether we talk about about the risks involved out of control artificial intelligence or about things less “SF”. Vint Cerf, known as the

Software Defined Networking (SDN), the next Eldorado of IT

    Few people know , SDN has everything it takes to become a new standard of IT. Basically, SDN brings a global expansion of  virtualization from hardware and storage to further infrastructure networks. Thus, interventions on the networks will not require a manual configuration, a direct intervention

EERO, the device that will completely change your wireless home network. New Eero wants to wipe out weak Wi-Fi

  It is true that you will not find a router that is perfect, even if you pull out of your pocket a larger amount of money, because you consider that does not justify the acquisition and the quality – price, but for an ordinary user in

Swatch releases their first SmartWatch

Swatch Swiss company has recently announced that will release in the two to three months a smart watch and the information was extensively commented on the Internet. The big question is whether this watch will be a success or a will be failure. Well, opinions are divided.