Sorste Group, manufacturer of textile, enjoys total control over printing costs due to program Xerox Partner Print Services (XPPS). Following the infusion of technology, the company benefits from increased productivity, streamlined work processes, reduced costs, lower power consumption and consumables.

In a first step, Producton, Xerox partner, conducted an audit on the premises of Sorste, giving the company an accurate picture of the situation related to the amount of documents produced and IT network. In the second stage, Producton recommended to the textile manufacturer  hot to optimize fleet of equipment, and the immediate result is the elimination of unproductive equipment and high operating costs.
Also Producton installed 9 Xerox equipment, from the latest generation, who were connected to the network, therefore, Sorste can monitor to proactively equipment fleet. In addition, the company shall, in all equipment, fleet monitoring software – Xerox Device Agent.

As a result implementation of the program Xerox Partner Print Services, Sorste have access to technical assistance and support non-stop from one supplier and benefit from advanced software tools for data security, monitoring and cost control, documentation and supplies.