In Budapest, the “School Hackers” – subordinate of Kurt Academy, the leader in information security Hungary – trains “friendly pirates” that helps to protect against cyber attacks by learning all the tricks of the trade by hacker, says French newspaper “Libération”.

Each year, 20handpicked students are trained in “ethical hacking”. Hackers Academy in Budapest is one of the few places in Europe that offers a one-year contract, ie, 250-hour program, according to “Vox Europe.” Over two semesters, “friendly hackers” of the future explores how piracy occurs in systems of companies and ministries. They learn all the tricks cyber attacks and how to use false identities to infiltrate networks. During probation, they apply new techniques to better protect a company or institution against cybercrime, add “Libération”.



However, the school does not receive anyone who wants to enroll. Each candidate must have a clean criminal record and pass through a national security test, organized by the Hungarian state. Hackers School was founded by brothers János and Sándor Kürti in 1989, and received requests for admission and abroad, especially from Vietnam and the Persian Gulf states. However, director Franco Csuba confessed to French publication that accepting foreign students is impossible “for reasons of national security”.

The KÜRT Academy launches hackLAB, a community of ethical hackers focused on research and development that operates within an institutional framework. The hacker lab was founded by the graduates of the one-year course in ethical hacker training offered by the KÜRT Academy who have already proven their exceptional skills and professional expertise in real-life projects and live deployment.
The purpose of hackLAB is to provide information to the market about the professional criteria of ethical hacking and to share the advantages of safe information technology, which is based on its developments, with an increasing number of users.