ApTI believes that this second version of the document is very similar to the one rejected by the Constitutional Court a year ago.  The new law on cyber security is now a public debate on the website of the Ministry of Communications and Information, a year after the previous version fail the test before the Constitutional Court.

The current project aims: creating a unitary terminology in the field of cyber security, accountability of holders of cyber infrastructure increasing capability in response to incidents of cyber and reducing their impact, providing a framework for cooperation at national level between the competent institutions in the field and the private sector and establishing cyber infrastructure of national interest.

“The state should not aim to solve the cybersecurity of the nation (and in fact nor practical in terms of the Internet), but also to control public institutions that have a minimum of procedures and the private sector only those areas that are actually critical to the whole society, “says the lawyer from ApTI.

In other words, the internet provider must believe that the police have the authority from the judge.