Italian treasury will submit a report accusing Google of tax evasion amounting to 227 million euros, according to sources quoted by Reuters. Official data shows that Google paid taxes last year only 2.2 million in Italy. Google has been accused of tax evasion in other European countries and the Italian authorities have “taken the eye” several large companies of technology, most recently in December when Apple agreed to pay 318 million euros against  the investigation to be closed.

Italian treasury will present a report which will show that Google did evasion between 2009 and 2013, the damage was 227 million euros in unpaid taxes, judicial sources said. In several European countries the large technology companies are under surveillance because of systems that avoid paying taxes or paying as little as possible.

Official data shows that Google paid taxes of 2.2 million euros in Italy, on revenues of 54.4 million euros. Italian Communications Authority estimated that in reality, Google’s revenue was ten times higher. In December they announced that Apple has negotiated extensively with the Italian tax authorities and reached an agreement to pay 318 million euros, thus getting rid of tax evasion charges