Facebook dropped entirely to the use of Flash technology for videos and audio, developing instead a player based on HTML5 technology. All games on the network will still be using technology developed by Adobe, but Facebook wants to change this. Large sites such as YouTube, have quit Flash, criticized as “host” too many bugs. Facebook clip are watched on averaging 8 billion times / day.

Daniel Bowling, an engineer at Facebook, explains why they dropped Flash: with HTML5 will be easier for developers, video sites will load faster and will be less bugs when people give Comment, Like and Share some clips .

HTML5 was introduced some time ago on a small number of Facebook users who updated often because  was observed that people using the browser older versions had some issues with HTML5. But now, HTML5 player developed by the company is very stable, so there is no need for Flash.

Flash is used in fewer and fewer places on the web. In January and YouTube announced that they give up on flash in his videos.