The FANTASTIC 5G project for 5G networks

FANTASTIC 5G project is developing a new radio interface below 6 GHz for 5G networks. A group of 16 leading telecoms players are joining forces to speed up the development of a new 6 GHz radio interfaces for 5G networks. The “FANTASTIC 5G” (Flexible Air Interface for Scalable Service Delivery

Symantec expands Data Loss Prevention cloud storage solution

  Symantec announces the extension of Data Loss Prevention solution 14 for business applications in the cloud, giving companies the ability to store and manage information in the cloud at a high level of security, through a strategic partnership with the online service for sharing files and

Bitdefender was the victim of a cyber attack

Bitdefender was the victim of a cyber attack that exposed a very limited number of usernames and passwords. A renowned blog notes that a hacker who calls himself DetoxRansome had tried to blackmail the company, threatening to publish data about customers. Bitedefender said in a reply, that they have identified

Kaspersky Lab presents the new version of Kaspersky Small Office Security solution for small businesses

Kaspersky Lab presents the latest version of Kaspersky Small Office Security developed specifically for companies with fewer than 50 employees. The solution, available now, offers the latest protection and is easy to use, without requiring special competence of IT. New security functions of the solution facilitates protection

Online giants will increase accessibility for persons with disabilities

Large companies in the online, like Facebook, Microsoft, Dropbox, Yahoo and LinkedIn, joined strategies to increase accessibility for persons with disabilities to technology, according to According to the source, 19% of the US population is represented by persons with disabilities, which makes them to be the

Critical Android phones Vulnerability

Security researcher Joshua J. Drake (@jduck) discovered one of the worst Android vulnerabilities discovered to date. This android critical vulnerability targets 95% of Android devices, almost 1 billion devices. Every Android phone or tablet with a version between 2.2 and 5.1 of the android operating system is

The revenge of former employees can close the business

The revenge of former employees can close the business. You’ll find below some safety rules to protect your computer from hackers which known your business. Learn how to protect against cyber attacks and how to prevent them, learn how to protect your business. “Close your business or

Major changes at Google, a lot of sites will disappear from results list

Many people expect to see a new Google Search Engine bold move, a move designed to rank a bit the Internet. Anyone can write anything on the Internet, and readers often end up being misled. Because of the misinformation movement, people from Google aims to make order.

The future of Magento and Ebay Enterprise

According to a TechCrunch report, eBay has found a new host for it’s Ebay enterprise business unit. The e-commerce company may announce soon the sale of eBay Enterprise to a group of buyers led by the private equity firm, Permira. The price for selling eBay Enterprise is

A new chapter of the Cold War technology between the US and China

    A Chinese state company, Tsinghua UniGroup, preparing an offer of no less than 23 billion dollars to purchase Micron Technology. Tsinghua is the largest China’s chipmaker, and Micron is emblematic of the American production of memory chips. Beijing’s intention, was made public by sources close to the