Although passwords seem to be pretty secure, they can still be cracked, and hackers come up with newer techniques every other day. One thing that cannot be cracked is your biometrics but things like deep fake technology still crack that to some extent. In that case, your typing style is a biometric value that cannot be traced by any means.

Typing AI is an Artificial Intelligence API that works for authentication on web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications to enhance security. It revolutionizes the security of the online world by eliminating password usage and provides an accuracy of 99.9% without almost any false positives.

Every user has a unique typing pattern that can be used here for generating a unique ID. Currently, it has been tested as an API by a huge audience and the accuracy results of this tool were exceptional.

The Internet needs to be a safe place as everyone has their confidential data including contact details, payment information, and addresses. Typing AI is aimed towards making this world of the internet a safer place for every user out there. It is achieving success because it eliminates the password authentication.

It will not only benefit every average user, but it will hugely benefit businesses by reducing the risks of attacks and data breaches. In this way, businesses can not only protect their data centers, but it also enhances the security on personal levels for employees as there is no need to keep the data and information safe and secure by password protection.

Typing AI brings revolution and efficiency by making everything faster, simple, and better by all means. More and more developers and businesses are helped by securing their online presence regardless of the devices they use only with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Password-protected authentication is thought and believed to be more secure by the whole world. It is the reason why hackers get the edge by cracking passwords and breaking into the infrastructures of huge companies and organizations. One of the major reasons behind this issue is that people have insecure passwords because they seem easier to remember.

At the same time, those are easier to crack. Typing AI does its part here by making the systems more than 80% secure than how secure they are right now. Hackers present all over the world not only create these data breaches, but they also make millions of dollars only by using simple phishing attacks and some other simple techniques.

Hackers are only able to break the latest security systems because they hold the data that takes no more than minutes for decryption. On the other hand, Typing AI makes everything secure as the main methodology is about reading users’ biometric typing fingerprint, the keystroke dynamics. which is different for every user, and it does not need to be stored anywhere.

As there is no data saved anywhere, the hackers won’t be able to access anything which makes Typing AI significantly efficient when it comes to enhancing security systems. Even if the hackers know the credentials for accessing an account, they won’t be able to crack into the accounts because they can’t replicate your biometric typing style.

Typing AI Biometrics is working as a password killer app that will help organizations around the world. It will be helping them by never needing to maintain and secure any password-based authentication system.

Typing AI is the best security solution for any organization or company that needs a secure online presence. So, it is the best choice for Banks, FinTech companies, and other companies around the world that are looking for enterprise-grade security. Apart from these companies, educational institutes can also use Typing AI for a secure online presence.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit this world, almost all of the things shifted to the online working methodology which makes a lot of platforms our direct customers relating to the eCommerce industry as well as some other industries.

Typing AI is currently used by more than 1000 nonpaying monthly active users. The biggest customer has more than 1 million registered users that are based in the US. This is a company that has integrated the API in its mobile and web platforms.

Apart from users in the US, there are users from Europe and Asia as well where Typing AI provides a dedicated Services Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures 100% uptime and a fast response time under 100 milliseconds.

Roadmap and future plans

Typing AI is planning to boost its development, marketing, and sales with an investment of 3 hundred thousand euros in investment and some talks are still undergoing with crowdfunding platforms from the USA as well as Europe.

With this pace of development Typing AI will be a competitor with the world-leading companies like Google in no more than 6 months with the launch of a mobile application and soma additional Identity as a Service products. The services are also focused on the development of Multi Factor Authentication to further enhance enterprise-grade security solutions.

About Typing AI Biometrics

Typing AI is a company registered in the Republic of Croatia that is accelerated by the leading Croatian VC, Fil Rouge Capital. After joining the Fil Rouge Capital, Typing AI received an investment of 50,000 Euros in 2021. In 2021, Typing AI also graduated from Techceletor’s Advancing AI 2 accelerator that was run by Gapminder VC.

Typing AI is a company of 4 remotely working team members based in Romania, India, and Croatia. The cyber security company is focused on growing the team with professionals related to the sales field, marketing and development fields.

The typing biometrics solution is using a freemium Software as a Service (SAAS) business model, customers being able to test all the functionalities with the free plan.

There are opportunities for Full Stack Developers with Junior level experience, Sales Representative, Marketing and Conversion rate Optimization Specialists.