Hacker Guccifer who hacked George Bush and Colin Powell will be extradited to US

Marcel Lazar Lehel, known as Guccifer will be extradited to the United States after a decision of Romanian’s Justice Court. This hacker is judged after he hacked the emails of personalities such as George Bush, Colin Powell, Steve Martin, Diane McWhorter and Diane McWhorter. We revealed in

Edward Snowden on FBI vs Apple

In a recent Tweet, Edward Snowden says that there are some crucial details in the FBI vs Apple case being obscured by the officials. Below you can find a list with Snowden’s conclusions: 1. The FBI already has all of the suspect’s communications records — who they

Twitter hunting jihadists accounts: They have been closed over 125,000 online profiles with “terrorist content”

Microblogging platform, Twitter, has begun using antispam technology to detect accounts that promote terrorism, suspending in recent months, 125,000 online profiles with Islamist character,  informs  The New York Times. Twitter company  has launched this campaign to urge of Administration of the Washington, who asked online social networks to

Cybersecurity eye law. The project, criticized the Association for Technology and Internet

ApTI believes that this second version of the document is very similar to the one rejected by the Constitutional Court a year ago.  The new law on cyber security is now a public debate on the website of the Ministry of Communications and Information, a year after

Google is suspected of tax evasion amounting to 227 million euros in Italy

Italian treasury will submit a report accusing Google of tax evasion amounting to 227 million euros, according to sources quoted by Reuters. Official data shows that Google paid taxes last year only 2.2 million in Italy. Google has been accused of tax evasion in other European countries

The largest lottery prize in the last 18 months has been attacked by hackers

The jackpot of 12 million was not a single moment in danger, said the spokesman. Website National Lottery tickets from Ireland and the machines were offline for 2 hours due to a DDoS attack. Customers who want to try their luck at the jackpot of 12 million,

Skype bug that allowed hackers to find users IP information was fixed

Up until now more or less experienced hackers were able to find the IP address used by a Skype user only by knowing the account name. Hackers were able to attack their victims after knowing the IP addresses of them. This bug was first discovered in 2012.

The network Raptr under attack

After a year and a half, AMD presents the initiative of Gaming Evolved, wean alternative to GeForce Experience through which is trying to identify the optimum settings for each game and impose their less knowledgeable players. And for this task they use the social network Raptr. The

Samsung move into production the second generation of 14nm FinFET

Good news for fans of mobile technology. Samsung started producing chips using 14nm process technology LPP (Low-Power Plus), the second generation of 14nm FinFET Samsung technology .  Samsung will produce chips Exynos Octa based on the new process technology and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820, expected to be

Second-Hand Smartphones. A market of $17 billion

The market of second hand smart phones will reach this year at $17 bln. While the number of units sold will reach to 120 million, according to a report by consulting company Deloitte, which estimates the developments in technology area, media and telecom. “In 2016, consumers will sell