Pop Singer Justin Bieber’s Twitter account hacked. 50.2 million Twitter followers received a myriad of odd messages on Saturday (March 8), as Justin Bieber’s official Twitter account was hacked with links to a viral app named ShootingStarPro. Twitter account with the second most Twitter followers. Spammers tweeted in Indonesian language from his hacked account with the links to a malicious twitter app named “ShootingStarPro“, and messages reading “Justin Bieber Cemberut?”, means – “Justin Bieber sullen?

Justin’s team quickly responded to the issue, deleted the bogus tweets and told fans “All good now. We handled it.“. He also warned his followers, “That link from earlier. Don’t click it. Virus. Going to erase this now. Spread the word. Thanks.


After this incident, “#JustinsPasswordIsProbably” hash tag is trending throughout the globe.