From now on, you can watch videos on YouTube without advertising!

Online video platform YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, announced Wednesday the launch of a subscription that allows users to watch videos without advertising, writes AFP. The offer will be launched in the US on October 28, priced at 9.99 dollars a month, the group said. YouTube said hacked due to a PHP vulnerability

The biggest free web hosting service, was hacked in March 2015 and more than 13 million accounts were affected. The data breach includes usernames, passwords in plain text, email addresses, IP addresses and the last names of 000Webhost‘s customers. Troy Hunt, a security researcher revealed the

Shares of Microsoft have reached the maximum of the last 15 years. Windows 10 has reached 110 million handsets

Microsoft has good years and reached a maximum value of shares  from last 15 years, amid deep run Windows 10 system, writes the Financial Times. In premiere, Bing division internet search came on profit and revenue exceeded one billion dollars. Company’s total revenues were $ 21.7 billion (down

Google has posted financial results above expectations in the fourth quarter before the great reorganization under the “umbrella” Alphabet

  Google said that net profit for last quarter was with 45% higher and a turnover up 13%, reflecting results better than expected and share price growth (11%). Starting this quarter Google reorganized and all divisions will be put under the umbrella of the new holding Alphabet

VIDEO Facebook users will have more control over “On This Day” notifications

Besides implementing new series of buttons, “Reactions”, created as an alternative to the button “Dislike”, Facebook are looking at options to filter notification “On This Day” that displays each user his old post, according Currently each user has control only over activation option to be notified

Facebook warns you when you are being watched by the authorities

  Online security is a matter which social network focuses very much. In these circumstances, Facebook announced via a posting that will inform users given that they are liable to be victims of online attacks. Apparently, a special notification will be provided only when offenders could be

Google is implementing operational changes announced in August, it becomes Alphabet Inc. and give up the motto “Do not Be Evil”

  Google give up the motto “Do not Be Evil” and replaces it with “Do The Right Thing” (To do the right thing) shows the new code of Ethics, launched with the announced organizational historical changes in August and implemented  now, at the beginning of October. Google will be

Top 7 Cyber Attack Maps

In the last period I’ve seen a lot of big companies developing their personal Cyber Attack maps. Interesting for me was to find out that even the US and EU governments implied in these projects (probably because they finally understood the importance of cyber security). Below you’ll

The danger of the webcam: by hackers who spy on people

Stefan Rigo, a young man of 33 years, using a malware program called  Blackshades, through which control webcams of friends and other people, especially saving images in which they had intimate relations. British authorities said that he had a certain addiction to monitor the privacy of others, and for

Vulnerable Android to a new exploit: Stagefright 2.0

  Android platform seems to be the target of many attacks in recent times, and many of them show major vulnerabilities of  Google’s software. The company recently solved Stagefright exploit problems, which used video files to attack devices with Android operating system, but has just discovered a new exploit