Online security is a matter which social network focuses very much. In these circumstances, Facebook announced via a posting that will inform users given that they are liable to be victims of online attacks. Apparently, a special notification will be provided only when offenders could be funded by various state organizations.

As stated Alex Stamos, chief of security of the Facebook, the measure was necessary because such attacks can be much more complicated and dangerous than others. Despite this, Facebook is not going to reveal the methods that are used to identify attacks, providing notification only when the evidence indicates definitely an attack.

As people from Register write , Facebook might get some criticism, considering the fact that China does not look kindly to such measures. When you receive notification, Facebook will suggest, among other things, enable the “Login Approvals”. Every time you try to login, you will receive a message on your phone with which you can access your account.

If you choose to activate “Login Approvals” you can have control of every each log in. An option is to log in with an unique code which will be sent by phone. The method is really simple: when you access Facebook, you’ll be required to write your password and after that, a new screen appears. In this screen you need to write an unique code which was generated and sent in a message on your phone. Even if this method ensure greater safety, after this steps are completed, an another message is sent saying that your account was accessed.