The main rival, Android KitKat has an adoption rate of only 24.5%, despite the fact that it was released a year ago.
But Apple gets record after record. Apple announced that has sold 10 million iPhones 6 in just three days.  At just a day after, the Cupertino company has come up with another word: the rate of adoption of the new iOS 8 is higher as can be. That’s because Apple has a big advantage over Google: lack of fragmentation. And that means the latest updates of the operating system iOS will always be taken in a high percentage and very short.

iOS 8 became available just a week ago and has already been installed on 46% of the devices Apple compatible. However, switching to iOS 8 was devoid of scandals. Many users have complained of bugs, while others prefer to downgrade to iOS 7.1.2, as is still possible. The main change that has irritated many people was  ‘Camera Roll’ wich was removed, that means in old time users could see all the pictures taken with their smartphone.


The other half of Apple users prefer to wait,  until appears a new update to solve the problem, since iOS 7 is still installed on 49% of devices. Many of them were scared when they saw that has to remove much of the applications, photos and documents, only to release 5.9 GB space for installation iOS8 OTA.

Instead, the main rival of iOS, Android, facing the old problem of fragmentation. At present, most of the users use Android Jelly Bean. Over 20% of them still have installed Ice Cream Sandwich or Gingerbread, while KitKat is available on 25% of the devices with Android, nearly a year after its launch. However, Google hopes to solve the problems after launching in May Android L.

Here you have a tutorial video.