Facebook is a social networking, but this socialization can have other shapes. For example, if a government of a country wants to know something about you can do immediately through Facebook, just asking for it. Unfortunately, requests are increasing. Once at 6 months we receive reports from Facebook in terms of number of inquiries from government and Facebook content blocked.

The percentage of applications increased by 18%, from 35 051 to 41 214.
Most come from the US, specifically 26 579. Of these only 17,577 were approved by Facebook.  Moreover, we have information about the contents blocked by the government. The rate increased by 112% and restrictions are more than 20 000, compared to the second half of 2014 where there were 9707. In India the government has blocked 15,155 of content on Facebook in just 6 months. Turkey is 2 to 4496, followed by France and Germany with several hundred.

Moreover, users have the right to information, so governments have provided a platform where updated every six months with information regarding the number of blocked accounts, percentages and other data about the respective countries.