Do you want to create a hackathon contest? Now you have the application that will allow you to create a Kickstarter for Node.js applications. Powered by Bootstrap, the Hackathon Starter application uses MongoDB, NodeJS and Xcode. And now it’s available on Github.


If you have attended any hackathons in the past then you know how much time it takes to get a project started. Decide on an idea, pick a programming language, pick a web framework, pick a CSS framework. A while later, you will have an initial project up on GitHub, and only then can other team members start contributing. Or what about doing something as simple as OAuth 2.0 Authentication? You can spend hours on it if you are not familiar with how OAuth 2.0 works. (As a side-note, over a year ago I had no idea WTF was REST or OAuth2, or how to do a simple “Sign in with Facebook”. It was a frustrating experience to say the least.)

When I started this project, my primary focus was on simplicity and ease of use. I also tried to make it as generic and reusable as possible to cover most use cases of hackathon web apps, without being too specific. In the worst case you can use this as a guide for your projects, if for example you are only interested in Sign in with Google authentication and nothing else.

Chances are, you might not need all 4 types of OAuth2 authentication methods, or all 9 API examples. Sadly, there is no step-by-step wizzard to configure the boilerplate code just for your use case. So, use what you need, simply delete what you don’t need.

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