Latest reports show that Facebook has increased its profit by about 20% by generating multimedia advertising on the site.  We all wondered if it would be the moment when the most active Facebook users will be payed?

If you  use Facebook all day, it may be time to ask for a raise. According to latest reports from market-research website eMarketer, the company has increased its profit by about 20% more this year than in 2014. The average Facebook user generates $12.76 every year, with almost $3 more than the last year and its expected to rise with more than $3 in 2017.

Although this average is small, we realize what the focus is for US users. Break down the difference between Americans and the rest of the world, and it becomes immediately obvious why the US receives the bulk of the attention from Facebook and Twitter. A user who is not in US will make the site $7.71 this year and an US user will make $48.76, approximately 9 times more.

Although Facebook does not pay users, many believe that artists should be paid. Internet theorist Jaron Lanier said:

“The reason that monetising information is crucial, is that it’s the only path that creates moderation. People talk about rights and regulation. My concern is that those things can never keep up with computer programmers. Programmers move faster than the law. But monetising will do it,” he told Channel 4 in 2013.