When it comes to find some security holes, people employed to break the information system of a company starts with what is often the clearest and greatest vulnerability.

A professional hacker, employee of a large company in Silicon Valley, tells Business Insider which is the easiest way to infiltrate the system.The hacker has revealed that uses a bait: an employee gets a seemingly innocuous mail, in which there is a link infested. After the employee clicks, is easy to find sensitive information such as passwords, and eventually to penetrate the computer system. This tactic, known as “phishing” is also used by amateur hackers. When it is used by professionals, “phishing” is the an excellent tool well targeted. Unlike petty crooks who send mails implausible, such as “you won a million euros in Nigeria”, professionals allocate more time to learn habits employee.

Professional Hackers get their info from social networks. A good starting point is Linkedin, from where you can find the e-mail of the employee and professional past. Then they build an identity, a character in which the employee trust and eventually to click on a link that it receives in an email.

Further, we will present 3 popular ways to hack through an e-mail: PhishingPassword Guessing and Keystroke capturing.


Phishing is a type of Social Engineering. Is the most widely used hacking technique just because it is really easy and affordable. This can be the easiest way of fooling someone to give you their login details or private information. Phishing is considered a criminal process in which hackers attempting to steal sensitive information such as passwords,credit card details, usernames by disguising as a trustworthy website.

Password Guessing

This method is also a type of Social Engineering which deals with manipulating someones mind to figure-out his personal information. It requires good social engineering skills and thinking power. The hacker knows the victim very well, rather hacker is a friend of victim. hacker could be your girlfriend, boyfriend or sometimes family member.

Keystroke Capturing

Keystroke capturing is a process which used program “Keylogger”.  This is the simplest way of monitoring ones PC to steal their personal details such as passwords and credit card details. Keyloggers are of two types:- hardware and software.