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Toshiba flash memory has 16 layers

Reducing the technological process has become increasingly difficult. This was seen most clearly from Intel and TSMC, but all chip manufacturers have suffered more or less. Toshiba made 15 nm flash memory for some time. And how to go down was really hard to walk, he left

6 TB SSD first hit stores in July

Fixstars Japanese company announced that its new SSD on 15nm technology and 2.5-inch with a capacity of 6TB will hit stores starting July this year. The product will not come cheap, as you can guess, but the company also offers versions with capacity and lower prices, but

Intel Announces Self-Encrypting SSDs For Business

Intel announced the self encrypting solid state disk (SSD) Pro 2500 series, which is aimed to be more secure against data breaches. With this new SSD product, Intel targets the business of all sizes. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS By increasing performance and limiting downtime, the Intel® SSD Pro 2500