A Romanian hacker wants to protect the ATM world. He invented a device that makes it impossible to card fraud when inserted into the ATM. Valentin blunt is currently in prison in Vaslui, Romania , where he was executed five years in prison for cloning cards.

Prisoner wants to demonstrate to the authorities that he went , so he used all the knowledge he gathered while he was a criminal and invented a device that banks around the world want to acquire.

The Boanta invention is unbeatable . This program prevents hackers to clone cards when inserted into the ATM to get cash .

” The proposed new invention by Valentin Boanta and carried out by our engineers make a change 90 degrees angle when inserting the card , do not introduce him at length , but wide, and the device makes one rotation by 90 degrees ” explained Mircea Tudor , co -inventor .

Romanian’s invention has already been registered with OSIM and even awarded the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Banks in Switzerland are already to buy the system and implement it as soon as possible , and the couple waits after serving employment among engineers helped to release protection system .