Hackers threaten repeat attacks


The world lives under the threat of a cyber attack of huge dimensions, which could occur in the next decade.

Company Pew Research interviewed 1,642 experts in the field about this topic, and 61% of them said that a cyber attack can cause serious problems globally may occur before 2025, says Digital Trends. Cybercrime specialists believe that such an attack would cause financial losses of tens of billions of dollars and even human casualties. The reason is more and more dependent on the Internet network services, making us this life in jeopardy attacks from hackers.

Electrical networks, economic transactions and even air traffic control are exposed to this threat, says Mark Nalle, employee of NASA.

“Current threats include economic transactions, power grid, and air traffic control,” said Mark Nall, a program manager for NASA. “This will expand to include others such as self-driving cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, and building infrastructure. In addition to current methods for thwarting opponents, growing use of strong artificial intelligence to monitor and diagnose itself, and other systems will help as well.”


In addition, infrastructure building  will become more vulnerable, and driverless cars, which are expected to hit the roads in the future, will represent another weakness of humanity against the threat of hackers. A representative of Google, Hal Varian, says we should be more concerned about the threat of natural disasters because cyber-attacks can not cause damage as large as hurricanes.

“There will certainly continue to be cyberattacks around the world,” he said. “However, I don’t think that such attacks will involve losses of tens of billions of dollars. For that to happen we would have to see systems down for several days… Most hurricanes have been in the $20 billion range. I don’t see cyberattacks coming anywhere close to hurricanes in terms of the associated property losses.”