The revenge of former employees can close the business. You’ll find below some safety rules to protect your computer from hackers which known your business. Learn how to protect against cyber attacks and how to prevent them, learn how to protect your business.

“Close your business or we will close it” is the message of the hackers which was sent to Noel Biderman, CEO of the company that owns the site AshleyMadison.com, a portal that encourages users to have adventures. Early indications show that the attacker could be a former employee who had access to the computer system of the company.  However, it should not be the first case in which a company finds hacker hand end.

More than seven years ago, Samuel Colt III was forced to close Colt Express Outsourcing Services business after sensitive information about more than 6,500 customer employees of CNET Networks and about their relatives were released following a breach of Product security of computer loss or theft of unencrypted.

Increasingly often, the initiators of security breaches, which affects companies, are even employees, current or former, more than half of the companies exhibiting fears of internal risk they face, according to studies. Company officials recently targeted by cyber criminals attacks in public office confirmed finding clues that lead to their staff as the main source of vulnerabilities exploited by attackers.

A scenario involving employees applies for Hacking Team, a security services company and computer espionage from Italy, recent victim of hackers who have stolen 400 GB of data, including the list of countries whose governments completed their contracts with the company. Police are investigating former employees of the company, in connection with the leak on the internet the entire archives of e-mails. General Director, David Vincenzetti, filed a complaint in May to address a number of six employees, about which there is reasonable suspicion that the data would be disclosed source code. The latest data show that the attacker had physical access to Pozzi Christian computer’s, and the employee would be injected malicious software or enabling its control in times when work computer without the user being present.

In case of AshleyMadison.com, a site that mediates extramarital affairs, hackers have threatened to publish personal details of  37 million users, if it continues to operate portal. Noel Biderman, CEO of Avid Life Media, which owns AshleyMadison.com, says the attacker could be a former employee who had access to the computer system of the company. “We are a step to confirm who is responsible for this. I have the person profile in front of me, with all the credentials used to connect to the company’s system. It is a person whom we can not say that it is still an employee, but certainly once used our IT infrastructure, “said Biderman.