Alex Stamos is the new chief security officer at Facebook and recently he declared that

It is time for Adobe to announce the end-of-life date for Flash and to ask the browsers to set killbits on the same day.

Last week were stolen 400gb of data from the spyware company called Hacking Team. This happened because there was a major Flash vulnerability that allowed hackers to execute malicious code on a target’s machine via a website. In a short time, Adobe released a patch to fix this problem, but, according to TechCrunch’s article: “Hacking Team Hacked“,

A further list, posted to Pastebin, claims to show the organization’s client list, which includes government agencies from Australia, Egypt, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and UAE. The Verge reported in 2013 that Hacking Team made a major push to lure U.S.-based clients, and according to this list, the FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency had engaged Hacking Team’s services at one point.

What should replace Flash? What is the best alternative?

According to Alex Stamos, HTML5 is the best alternative. And he suggest everyone to implement it as soon as possible.

In case you don’t knwow, starting from January 2015, Youtube is using HTML5 video player, so the video HTML tag is getting more and more attention. More info on Youtube using HTML5 video player.