i7b6cf136f951ca2bae6f9d4198cb43dc_pentagon-report-hackers-retaliation.si   A young Romanian is accused of illegal entry into over 150 computers belonging to public institutions in the US, thus causing damage to almost 1.5 million dollars, reports news agencies. The affected institutions include NASA, US Department of Energy and Navy. The young Romanian, Victor Faur has 26 years old. He is charged with nine offenses related to illegal penetration of computer networks, including the charges being one and the same conspiracy. The young risking no more than 54 years in prison if will be sentenced on all charges brought, said Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the federal procurators. hacker2 Faur has already been investigated by the Romanian authorities for other charges will be brought to Los Angeles and, after solving the case of Romania. The US government suspects that Victor Faur is the leader of a group of hackers called WhiteHat Team (Team White hats), who proposed to break the American public computers institutions only because they are said to be the safest in the world. After managed to break a network, Faur programmed computers to function as a chat room through which it communicates with other network members. Meanwhile, hackers were looking identification data that allow them to get into other computers used for gathering, archiving and analyzing scientific data. Faur, nicknamed SirVic, comes from the Western Romanian city of Arad – the city which hosted another alleged hacker, Guccifer, recently taken into custody by Romanian Police. You will find more information about Guccifer here.