Many people expect to see a new Google Search Engine bold move, a move designed to rank a bit the Internet. Anyone can write anything on the Internet, and readers often end up being misled. Because of the misinformation movement, people from Google aims to make order. Conspiracy theories and sites with dubious scientific content, which for example recommend parents to no longer immunize their children could be, thanks to the new algorithm, downgraded.

Search Engine Google will adapt a little model to measure the degree of trust that a user can have when access a website. For now the system of “truth ranking” does not apply, but there are a research paper showing how each Web page can receive a so-called Knowledge-Based Trust score! Google wants to give a good score to this websites according to truth content, and not depending only of links as before.

Ray Kurzweil, a Google Director was given the task of creating a software that uses artificial intelligence to understand whether the content of a site is trustworthy or not.

Soon, we will see how much this algorithm can change the rank.