One giant danger is knocking on the door all mankind, that given the amount of cyber crimes approached stronger to 1 trillion dollars, the number of hackers has grown at a fast pace, they have become more sophisticated in techniques of attacks and in the world there is a shortage of more than 1 million professionals, according to data from Cisco, one of the leading manufacturers of networking equipment in the world.

In a videoconference organized by the Cisco team, representatives specializing in networking solutions appreciate that we are in front of a huge challenges, that given mankind digitize more and more, and phenomena such as the Internet of Things and Internet of Everything picks up multiple accounts, which will make cyber criminals to be everywhere.

“There are just not enough people to support the tools and systems available, so there is a real talent deficit,” according to Adam Philpott, director of EMEAR Security Sales at Cisco. “We are talking about 50 billion devices expected to be connected in the next five years, and for us digitization and the Internet of Everything (IOE) remain the biggest challenges that await us in the face. Also witnessed the digital transformation in almost all industries: Amazon.com (retail) UBER (in transport), e-Govd (public sector), Netflix (TV), Pandora / iTunes (music), Apple Pay / PayPal ( in banking). (…) The threats have become increasingly sophisticated and not talking about children, but about people who have a very clear direction. Cyber ​​crimes is approaching $ 1 trillion, and the world is a huge need for specialists, the deficit rising to over 1 million skilled engineers, “said Cisco officials in the videoconference.

Philippe Roggeband charge on all the Cisco Security, said the number of areas of activity that are targeted to be attacked has increased steadily in recent years.

“With the digitization process developed and the ability of hackers to attack various institutions and key industries, I believe that among the most vulnerable areas include the industrial and the medical domain, that’s because most of the investment goes towards medical equipment and less on security. The key message is do not try to be the most vulnerable, “says Philippe Roggeband.

Cisco representatives claim that at the moment there are two types of victims of cyber attacks. “It’s primarily the described victims who have been compromised and those who do not know they have happened already,” officials have pinpointed one of the largest networking solutions providers globally.

The teleconference conclusions are that once again the dangers, both for companies and for individual users are very high, the risks are high, and the protection, prevention and reaction time are necessary to prevent any problems.