The company introduced the operating system in a press event.
Windows 10 is the name of the future operating system from Microsoft, that should get on our computers at the end of next year. Therefore, the company will not name the next version of Windows 9 or Windows X or Windows One as everyone expected. New Windows 10 looks pretty good with Windows 7.

The Microsoft Windows 10 said it was “the most comprehensive platform ever built” so that version will be adapted to different hardwares. Good news for those who make applications for them, it should run smoothly in almost any conditions.

Microsoft said that Windows 10 can be used everywhere, from the “Internet of Things, to servers in data centers.” “Some of these devices have screens 4” other 80 “and others did not have display at all,” according to Microsoft. The company said that Windows 10 is suitable for both work with a pen or touch, mouse and keyboard or other gestures.


New Windows 10 will change so that it runs optimally on each gadget. Or at least that is the goal of Microsoft. The next version borrows design elements from Windows 7 and Windows 8. Basically, find the Start menu that Windows 7 users are familiar with the tile interface of Windows 8 features Tile sites can be resized according preferences.

Windows 10 brings universal search in the start menu, which provides results on the web. Also, users will have easier access to operating system tasks.Charm Bar does not disappear, but it is improved. Alsoin case of convertible gadgets, the company comes with Continuum mode, which aims to make the transition easier between Lapto and tablet.

Windows 10 will arrive from Wednesday to the first users. The final version will be ready by the end of next year, but in the first months of 2015 should find out more about the next version of the operating system.