Security conference DefCamp is organized between 19 and 20 November in Bucharest, Romania. The conference is held at Crystal Palace Ballrooms. This conference will cover the INFOSEC field, gathering under the same roof security specialists, entrepreneurs and developers, managers from both private and public sector.

In November Bucharest will become the capital of International Hacking and Information Security. That’s why, we invite you to join the sixth edition of the DefCamp hacking conference.

Why to attend Defcamp 2015?

At DefCamp 2015 you will learn how easy your online data can be stolen from, how your privacy is violated and what are the techniques used to break critical systems security.

Topics covered during DefCamp 2015

  • Building a Cyber Security Operations Center
  • Breaking in Bad (I’m the one who doesn’t knock)
  • Integrating Mobile Devices into Your Penetration Testing Program
  • Defending the Enterprise Against Network Infrastructure Threats
  • Challenges on Reversing Layered Malware
  • Luke 8:17 – Misleading implementations that compromise the privacy and information security
  • Mobile Browser Security
  • Building a Weaponized Honeybot
  • Internet of Things Security
  • Pentesting Android Applications
  • The art and science of concealing data inside other data is what we know as steganography
  • (In)Security of Embedded Devices’ Firmware – Fast and Furious at Large Scale
  • Large-scale vulnerability discovery using Machine Learning
  • From Hype Hangover to Happy Hacking: Shaping the World through Shaping Actions and even more on the website.

DefCamp 2015 Speakers

  • Beau Woods – Cyber Safety Advocate for I Am The Cavalry initiative (USA)
  • Paul Coggin – Senior Principal Cyber Security Analyst, Dynetics Inc (USA)
  • Raul Alvarez – Senior Security Reseacher Fortinet Technologies (USA)
  • Georgia Weidman – Founder and CEO Bulb Security and Shevirah (USA)
  • Amit Ashbel – Product Evangelist at Checkmarx
  • Konrad Jedrzejczyk – Senior Incident IS Response Analyst (PL)
  • Rafay Baloch – Information Security Manager At ETISALAT PTCL (PK)
  • Jayson Street – Infosec Ranger at Pwnie Express (USA)
  • Shah Sheikh – Sr. Security Consultant at DTS Solution (UAE)
  • Andrei Costin – Co-founder at Firmware.RE (RO/FR)
  • Rogerio Winter – Brazilian Army (BR)
  • Sneha Rajguru – Security Consultant – Payatu Technologies Pvt. Ltd (IN)
  • David Sancho – Senior Malware Researcher at Trend Micro (ES)
  • Mohamed Bedewi – Senior Security Researcher and Penetration Tester (UAE)
  • Nikita Vdovushkin – Co-Founder at AVULN Security Industries & Embedded System Security Expert (RU)
  • Andrey Lovyannikov – Co-Founder at AVULN Security Industries & Embedded Systems Reverse Engineering Expert (RU)
  • Danijel Grah – Security Consultant at Viris (SI)
  • Omer Coskun – Ethical Hacker, Royal Dutch Telecom (NL)
  • Tudor Damian – IT Solutions Specialist – Transcent (RO)
  • Costel Maxim – Security QA Lead Intel’s Open Source Technology Center (RO)
  • Yury Chemerkin – Security Expert (RU)
  • Razvan-Costin IONESCU – Security QA Engineer at Intel (RO)
  • Gustavo Grieco – Phd. student from CIFASIS (AR)

You can find more information regarding the DefCamp hackers conference on their official website: