Today some of the website was hacked. They announced on their official website that several servers were compromised. phpBB’s customers must know that their websites are’n affected by this attack, because the only target was phpBB’s servers. Right now, the phpBB team is verifying the integrity of all data, in order to come back online as soon as possible.

In the beginning of the day, phpBB’s team announced on Twitter that :

Several of our sites are currently offline for some unscheduled maintenance. We hope to be back shortly.

It seems that initially they didn’t know about the attack. But after verifying the code or the servers they might be surprised by some malware or anything else used to attack phpBB’s servers.

About phpBB

phpBB means PHP Bulletin Board and is one of the most used forum scripts in the world. This is because it’s free, easy to install and use. The phpBB community is large and you can get support for almost anything, you can find answers for any question.

You can find more information regarding this attack on phpBB’s website, here.

phpBB hacked

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