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Anonymous declares war to ISIS: “We will Hunt you Down!”

Anonymous France shared a video message in which they declared war to ISIS. This comes after the Paris attacks where over 130 peoples were killed and more than 200 were injured. The hacker group Anonymous declared cyber war to the Islamic State, please watch the following anonymous

ProtonMail under DDOS attack

Since two days ago, ProtonMail was hit by a massive distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. This severe attack that started on November 3rd, 2015 was very sophisticated and took Proton Mail offline for almost 24 hours. What is Protonmail? ProtonMail is an email service that is hacked due to a PHP vulnerability

The biggest free web hosting service, was hacked in March 2015 and more than 13 million accounts were affected. The data breach includes usernames, passwords in plain text, email addresses, IP addresses and the last names of 000Webhost‘s customers. Troy Hunt, a security researcher revealed the

The danger of the webcam: by hackers who spy on people

Stefan Rigo, a young man of 33 years, using a malware program called  Blackshades, through which control webcams of friends and other people, especially saving images in which they had intimate relations. British authorities said that he had a certain addiction to monitor the privacy of others, and for

Android 6.0 might debut on October 5

  On September 29 expected to debut new Nexus models with the new Android 6.0 OS Marshmallow. We do not knew when this version will be available on other phones. But now we know.   A Canadian operator escaped a picture on the internet in which old

Skype was down worldwide

Today, Skype has stopped working, starting at 8 am in France and no one could connect to Skype. Those who were online, could not see properly statuses and the refresh icon was always present.  If you tried to give sign out thinking that a reconnection  will fix the problem

Thicker and heavier, iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus come with big minuses

  If you are fans of Apple products, you have many reasons to invest in new iPhones due to enhanced performance and several software and hardware fireworks. Not the same is true if you ran all the time after the devices more compact, lighter or larger battery,

Microsoft wants to stop users from downloading Chrome or Firefox

Microsoft wants to determine users to continue to use Edge, which is the company’s new browser, and replaces Internet Explorer. When they search for “Chrome” or “Firefox” on Bing, a message appear on the top of the window “Microsoft recommends Microsoft Edge for Windows 10. Also, a

Bitdefender has identified a vulnerability in the operation of PayPal

  Bitdefender has identified a vulnerability in the operation of PayPal, one of the largest payment processors worldwide, which would have allowed attackers to send specially created files to force the execution of malicious code on users’ computers. Hackers were able to orchestrate large attacks on PayPal

John McAfee AMA on Reddit. McAfee’s life revealed.

Starting from today, Hacking News is officially following John McAfee on Twitter. We want to reveal a very interesting review of John McAfee’s Reddit AMA. “I am John McAfee AMA!” Ask Me Anything session contains a lot of important aspects of John McAfee’s personal life. Some funny