An account belonging to the Russian Minister of Communications on social network Instagram was temporarily blocked on Sunday,as a result of a cyber attack of some hackers, which were presented as a group of Turkish activists and posted images of Turkish warplanes and flags, according to Reuters.

Relations between Russia and Turkey are strongly affected after a Turkish fighter plane was shot down in November, a Russian bomber near the Turkish-Syrian border, an action labeled by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “stabbing in the back”.

Instagram account of  Minister Nikolai Nikiforov was blocked by “Team cyber Börteçine” of hackers, according to screenshots of the account published by Russian newspapers in which appearing Turkey, Turkey flags and a portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder Turkey, and a war plane.

Instagram, a network on which users post their photos and videos, restored the account of Nikiforov and his profile picture, but the Russian minister complained that the support staff has not responded to the incident for more than nine hours.

Putin said in his press conference by yearend, he does not see any way to improve relations with the leadership of Turkey, and Moscow imposed economic sanctions to Ankara.

Turkish media suggest, in late December, as behind on recent cyber attacks on Internet servers that host Turkish 300,000 sites would be Russian hackers. Turkish Banks have reported sporadic disruptions on Christmas Day of credit card transactions, and reiterated the Turkish press as “bombing” of public sites in the financial sector, could come from Russia or from the Anonymous hackers group.