The Washington Post published the list of most wanted hackers, offering a total of 4.2 million dollars for them. Russian Yevgeny Mikhailovich Bogacev, dubbed ZeuS comes first, offering $ 3 million for his capture. He is accused of Trojans used to steal bank account details, passwords and provides information needed to taken control of a bank account. Bogachev is responsible for 100 million dollars stolen from banks from 2009 onwards.  And even though the FBI says it wants all criminals equally, Bogachev, who is thought to be in Russia, still tops agents’ list.

“He’s probably our number 1 target,” said Stangl.

Nicolae Popescu is ranked 2, offering $ 1 million for his capture. This romanian is accused for tricking clients, from auto websites such as Cars.com sales or AutoTrader, where post ads for cars that did not exist in reality. This romanian and his accomplices would be criminal income obtained by this method three million dollars. Although they were arrested six people in his entourage, Popescu has not been caught yet, FBI believeing that he is still in Romania.

The other hackers who are looking for are Alxsey Belan (100,000 dollars is offered for his capture), Peteris Sahurovs ($ 50,000) and Shaileshkumar ‘Sam’ Jain ($ 50,000).